Tallest Person In The World 2022:”Sultan Kösen’s Unique Journey”


In a world where people come in all shapes and sizes, some stand out due to their stature alone, not to mention their exceptional character or skill sets.

One of these extraordinary people is Sultan Kösen, a farmer from Turkey who stands an incredible 251 cm (8 ft 2.8 in) tall. It is thus officially recognized as the tallest living guy by the Guinness World Record.

 Kösen’s Early Life and Journey to Record-Breaking Height

Sultan Kösen made an early impression with his towering stature after being born on December 10, 1982, in the Turkish hamlet of Alibey, Mardin Province.

His height was 5 feet, 3 inches when he was just 10 years old.

He continued to grow in stature, and at the age of eighteen, he was a towering seven feet two inches tall.

The Cause of Giant Height

Sultan Kösen’s abnormally high stature is due to pituitary gigantism, an overproduction of growth hormone in the human body.

A benign tumor in the pituitary gland is the culprit responsible for this illness. The condition causes an abnormal expansion of the face, hands, and feet as well as excessive bone growth.

Challenges and Adaptations

Because of pituitary gigantism, Sultan Kösen has unique difficulties in living his life. Using public transit or fitting into regular furniture becomes a major challenge due to his extraordinarily tall stature.

In addition, he struggles with the typical symptoms of gigantism, which include persistent back pain and stiff joints.

Regardless of these obstacles, Sultan Kösen is proud of his distinguished status and serves as an example to others. Sharing his tale and bringing attention to gigantism, he tours the world.

In addition, he uses his influence to call for more resources to help those with rare diseases and better healthcare access for everyone.

Sultan’s Marriage Life

Sultan had distinct obstacles in his life as a result of pituitary gigantism. A disorder that causes an overabundance of growth hormone.

Because of his tall stature, potential lovers were sometimes afraid to embrace his individuality, making it difficult for him to find love.

On the other hand, things changed. Sultan met Merve Dibo, a woman of considerably lesser stature at 173 cm (5 ft 8 in), in 2013, when he was 31 years old.

They were close friends despite their height disparity since they had common beliefs.

The life of Sultan is an example to many. It proves that there are no limits to genuine love and that embracing our unique qualities may bring us happiness and fulfillment.

The story of his marriage serves as an example of how to embrace and understand people despite their differences, such as gigantism.

The Guinness World Record and Legacy

Sultan was formally recognized as the tallest living male in 2014 by Guinness World Records.

Because of this honor, he became famous all across the globe and was immediately regarded as one of the most extraordinary people in history.

His influence extends well beyond his stature. In coping with his illness, he has demonstrated resilience, bravery, and optimism, inspiring others to embrace their individuality and overcome obstacles.

A person’s indomitable spirit, not their stature, is what gives them true strength, as his story teaches us.

Top 20 Tallest People In The World

Rank Name Country Height (cm)
1 Robert Wadlow United States 272
2 John Rogan United States 267
3 John F. Carroll United States 264
4 Willie Camper United States 262
5 Leonid Stadnyk Ukraine 257
6 Väinö Myllyrinne Finland 251.4
7 Adam Rainer Austria 234
8 Bao Xishun China 236
9 Yao Defen China 233.3
10 Sultan Kösen Turkey 251
11 Vikas Uppal India 248.9
12 Morteza Mehrzad Iran 246
13 Zhang Juncai China 242.5
14 Aleksandar Šimić Serbia 241
15 Brahim Takioullah Morocco 240
16 Radhouane Charbib Tunisia 236
17 Jorge González Argentina 231
18 Zhang Zhidong China 228
19 Sun Mingming China 235.5
20 Savalta Adam Pakistan 231

Sultan Kösen’s extraordinary stature has brought him international acclaim, yet what truly defines him are his tenacity, resolve, and optimistic outlook.

His life is an example of how we can overcome adversity by embracing our individuality. Its recognizing that our differences are what make us special.

The resilience of the human spirit and the importance of following one’s own unique journey are both demonstrated in Kösen’s story.

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